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Easy Clean is an application for cleaning and optimizing Windows
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Easy Clean is an application for cleaning and optimizing Windows. It is aimed for Windows users whose computers have become slow and is clogged up with old files or obsolete configurations, as well as with useless cookies or Internet cache. It offers you several options and tools, though you should rather think of it as the place to go to access all Windows cleaning tools, plus some little extra. This is because the program itself does not defragment your hard disk, but uses Windows’ defragmentation tool to do it. Yet, it can be really useful to have all these tools in the same place and just a click away, instead of having to browse through the Control Panel to find them.

It has also some other advantages, like that fact that it shows you all the temporary files found on your hard drive in one single interface. These files normally stay behind in your computer and clog it up, so this application will help you to pinpoint them and delete only the ones you think are safe to delete.

With Easy Clean you will be able to clean your hard disk as well as the registry - delete the list of recent files, empty the trash bin, Windows' log file, and the pre-fetch folder. Additionally, Internet history and temporary files can also be easily wiped away. Checking your hard disk regularly can prove to be handy if you are experiencing performance problems, and regular defragmentation will definitely speed up your computer.

Easy Clean is a simple but useful application that will use Windows' features - and some others of its own - to keep your computer running fast.

Pablo Saavedra
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Bundles up several useful features


  • This application uses several Windows tools to do its job
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